Berlin Startup Facts

According to Deutsche Startup Montior 2015 here are some intersting facts about startups:

Startups are defined by 3 characteristics

  • Startups are younger than 10 years
  • Startups feature (highly) innovative technologies and/or business models
  • Startups have (strive for) a significant employee and/or sales growth

More Startup Germany Facts

  • Business Angels are the second most important external source of funding after "Family and Friends".
  • Positive atmosphere: 89.3 % of the startup founders are satisfied with their situation or even rate it "good".
  • Startups expand their function as job engines: With Ø 17.6 jobs (incl. founder) after 2.8 YEARS, they again create more jobs than in the previous year.
  • Life satisfaction: Startup founders are significantly happier than employees
  • The culture of failure: 1/3 of founders have shut down a previously launched startup.
  • Internationality: Just under10 % of startup founders and 22 % of startup employees are not from Germany.
  • More than 80 % of all startup founders would also continue to be self-employed following their current entrepreneurial activity.
  • Higher percentage of female founders: According to DSM 2015,13 % of startups are founded by women (2014: 10 %).

Venture Capital drives startups

  • Between 2011 and 2015, 17,000 Berlin jobs where created by VC investments in Startups
  • The biggest investments amounting to 1.21 billion Euro were invested in the I&T industry
  • 68,9% of VC investments in Germany where invested in Berlin Startups (amounting to 2,006 billion Euro)
  • Fact source: Berlin VC Report 2016

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