One of the most historical powerful fireboats to visit
Bond Street 199, 11217 Nueva York
The legacy of Rufus King. Early 19th century context.
Perfect for families to want to participate in activities like candle making, sewing and more!
History of German-speaking Jews.
West 16th Street 11, 10011 Nueva York
See one of the most famous Madame Tussauds museums!
West 42nd Street 234, 10036 Nueva York
Visit the collection of a wealthy merchant-class family in NYC.
East 4th Street 29, 10003 Nueva York
Largest art museum in the United States and one of the ten largest in the world. A must.
Quinta Avenida 1000, 10028 Nueva York
Learn about Mexico!
East 39th Street 27, 10016 Nueva York
Visit the private library of Pierpont Morgan
Avenida Madison 229, 10016 Nueva York
One of the oldest house in the Manhattan borough bulit in 1765
Jumel Terrace 65, 10032 Nueva York