Jewish history and heritage
West 16th Street 11, 10011 Nueva York
Art within a context
11th Avenue 154, 10011 Nueva York
A great museum for children to learn about the diverse world. Interactive exhibitions!
West 83rd Street 212, 10024 Nueva York
Art and architecture of medieval Europe, in NYC
Margaret Corbin Drive 99, 10040 Nueva York
American popular culture
Only museum in the nation devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design
Quinta Avenida 1095, 10128 Nueva York
Art. Like no other art can be made.
West 22nd Street 533, 10011 Nueva York
Contemporary artists in the Society’s Beaux-Arts buildings
West 155th Street 625-635, 10032 Nueva York
Immersive exhibits of world's defining cultures, art and history. More than a museum.
West 44th Street 220, 10036 Nueva York
Only institution to focus on drawings.
Wooster Street 35, 10013 Nueva York