American farmhouse from 1784. Early Manhattan
Broadway 4861-79, 10034 Nueva York
Art and culture of Puerto Ricans and Latin Americans
Quinta Avenida 1230, 10029 Nueva York
History of Colonial America, Revolutionary War and Early Republic
Pearl Street 54, 10004 Nueva York
A premier museum. European sculpture and more
Quinta Avenida 895, 10021 Nueva York
Italian art in NYC
Famous mansion of Archibald Gracie, mayor of the city of NYC. Built in 1799
FDR Drive, 10028 Nueva York
Museum to honer prominent Americans. Designed by architect Stanford White
Visit a part of the Third System of Fortifications!
One of the main attractions within the Rose Center
West 81st Street 15, 10024 Nueva York
Learn about the culture of Spain, Portugal and Latin America
West 155th Street 617, 10032 Nueva York