House of Alexander Hamilton, in south Manhattan
Bridge Street 1-11, 10004 Nueva York
For photographers
Honor society of American architects and artists
West 155th Street 633, 10032 Nueva York
The museum of the Folk art
West 53rd Street 45, 10019 Nueva York
For those interested in the american immigrant history
Liberty Island - Ellis Island 1, 07305 Jersey City
Biggest collection of Jewish history. More than 25 million documents!
West 16th Street 17, 10011 Nueva York
Over 32 million speciments of plants, rocks and fossils! If you love nature, this is your museum!
West 79th Street 79, 10024 Nueva York
Biggest collection of coins, medals and tokens!
Calle Canal 431, 10013 Nueva York
Culture of Jews from Middle East and Greater Sephardic Diaspora
West 16th Street 17, 10011 Nueva York
Debates and dialogues about the Americas Society.
Park Avenue 680, 10065 Nueva York