Famous Museum
One of the most importants museums in NYC. World cultures through visual arts. A must.
History and science through intrepid exhibitions!
West 46th Street 640, 10036 Nueva York
See one of the most famous Madame Tussauds museums!
West 42nd Street 234, 10036 Nueva York
Largest art museum in the United States and one of the ten largest in the world. A must.
Quinta Avenida 1000, 10028 Nueva York
One of the most famous museums in NYC. Innovation art
Columbus Circle 2, 10019 Nueva York
Top museum in NYC. Best of the modern art.
West 53rd Street 15, 10019 Nueva York
Place of the 11S
Liberty Street 1, 10006 Nueva York
A new concept of art
Bowery 235, 10002 Nueva York
For contemporary art lovers
Art and design from NYC.
East 23rd Street 209, 10010 Nueva York