Classical art
Honor society of American architects and artists
West 155th Street 633, 10032 Nueva York
The museum of the Folk art
West 53rd Street 45, 10019 Nueva York
Debates and dialogues about the Americas Society.
Park Avenue 680, 10065 Nueva York
American Renaissance
West 155th Street 613, 10032 Nueva York
One of the most importants museums in NYC. World cultures through visual arts. A must.
Art and architecture of medieval Europe, in NYC
Margaret Corbin Drive 99, 10040 Nueva York
A premier museum. European sculpture and more
Quinta Avenida 895, 10021 Nueva York
Italian art in NYC
Visit the collection of a wealthy merchant-class family in NYC.
East 4th Street 29, 10003 Nueva York
Largest art museum in the United States and one of the ten largest in the world. A must.
Quinta Avenida 1000, 10028 Nueva York