Teach children the value of respect and diverse cultures through art and science!
A great museum for children to learn about the diverse world. Interactive exhibitions!
West 83rd Street 212, 10024 Nueva York
One of the main attractions within the Rose Center
West 81st Street 15, 10024 Nueva York
Learn about the culture of Spain, Portugal and Latin America
West 155th Street 617, 10032 Nueva York
For photography lovers
West 44th Street 108, 10036 Nueva York
History and science through intrepid exhibitions!
West 46th Street 640, 10036 Nueva York
might be the best educational effort in the country - The New York Times
Calle Canal 431, 10013 Nueva York
Historic lighthouse in the Hudson River
Hudson River Greenway, 10032 Nueva York
The legacy of Rufus King. Early 19th century context.
Perfect for families to want to participate in activities like candle making, sewing and more!