Berlin Coworking Tips

Useful tools for freelancers

Our friends at compiled a list of useful tools for freelancers, that we want to share with you.
Independent workers and small startups juggle lots of balls. They manage all parts of their project, from start to finish, including customer relations and logistics – aside from the creative part of their daily work. Any tools which make these often mundane, but undeniably important, tasks easier and faster are always welcome, so Deskmag has come up with a list of five useful new tools for coworkers and startups which make work life that little bit easier.

Trello: organize yourself and team members

Viber: VoIP tool 

KeyRocket: learn and remember keyboard shortcuts for repetitive tasks

How to succeed at coworking

  1. Go to lunch with strangers!
  2. Do focused work. 3h work, 15 min break. Continue.
  3. Share resources. Give a free lecture at what you are good at.
  4. Donate books to the space. Share expertise.
  5. Provide people with food :)

Check out the video of a international coworker on YouTube.

Five must-read books about coworking

Just like the mobile workforce it serves, coworking is still a fairly new industry. Even the most established coworking spaces are still learning what makes their community work and adapting to the needs and talents of their members. Shared learning is what makes coworking unique, so it only makes sense that those with a little bit of expertise would share it with the world! Whether you’ve been coworking for a day or a year, these books familiarize you with the unique benefits, challenges, and opportunities present in this global community.

View the book list on